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Earn up to 13% of extra salary!

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What is ebadu?

We help to raise net income of employees by up to 13% without increasing labor costs.

With R&D companies and thousands creative engineers in mind we created the ebadu service which would allow them to uleash their creative potential and let them benefit financially from it.

You can also benefit!

  • With our comprehensive approach we will implement the service within your organization, which will allow to account for accounting of increased costs of income for creative employees.
  • Creativity analysis will be performed, the result of which will determine if the service is right for your type of organization.
  • We will help you to organize such that everything fits to your existing internal processes and respective regulations.
  • We will provide you with the on-line tool to enable proper documentation, recording and archiving of the copyright transfers within your organization.
  • We will take care to properly train your employees on service functionality as well as elements of the copyright law.

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For whom?

Although an independent, individual analysis should always be applied, below we present a list of professions with high creativity potential, to which the ebadu service is targetted in the first place.

Software engineers
For programmers, testers, software designers, software engineers and system analyst. As long as the results of their work is a computer program and source code.
Web designers
For persons involved with computer graphics and web design; for internet site and service developers and all alike occupations with a high degree of creativity.
Engineering work is also to high degree creative. This applies especially for those working in R&D domain. The results of their work are often: research reports, projects and proposals, technical improvements or patent applications.
It is difficult to question the creative nature of research or scientific work, which often result in studies, articles and scientific publications or specifications of new technologies.
The persons of this sort often carry out work on a high conceptual level, the results of which are strongly marking their individual character. The results of their work are: specifications, analyses and recommendations.
Other professions
No matter what kind of job you do, the level of creativity can be very different. In the context of the ebadu service and applicability of increased costs of income it is important that the copyrights to the effects of your work are transferable.


Use our calculator and evaluate potential benefits coming from applying increased costs of income.


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